Hi I'm Danielle, owner of Scratch Photography. I am a foodie and yogi. I love waking up to the smell of coffee brewing and creating sensory masterpieces in the kitchen. I love to travel and want to someday go on a tour of Europe and get back to Hawaii. I tend to fall up the stairs, not down, and my favorite Saturday morning activity is making breakfast together.

My favorite part of photography is the impact it has on my clients lives. How appreciative they are for the memories and the light hearted experience provided. I'm truly touched by each client I get to work with, the stories I get to hear, and the fun we get to have together. 

Hi there! My name is Charlie. I am married to that pretty lady pictured above me. I like spending my free time out in the woods in my Jeep off-roading or working on a project in the garage. I absolutely hate kale and love lasagna. I am a family man and work hard to provide for them. During the summer I enjoy camping, it's a past time I cherished growing up. Just disconnecting and relaxing around a camp fire is my idea of a great weekend. 

My favorite part of photography is movement; taking photos during a reception when everyone is dancing. I like to take candid photos when no one thinks I'm watching. They are some of the most memorable images of the day.

Additional pro team member bios coming soon!

Yelm, WA