1 year old already???

How time flies when you have a baby. As kids we always wanted things to speed up and now that we are grown we just want it all to slow down. Bringing a new baby into the world is no different. We want those moments when they are tiny to last a lifetime but before we know it they are walking, talking, sassing, and going to school. It's never enough time during each stage.

Just a year ago little Logan graced the world with his arrival. His brother and sister were so excited to meet him and love him. His mom and dad were ready for baby number three to be their last addition and their family was now complete.

He was just a snuggly little bundle a year ago. All tiny toes and fingers. But now, at 1 year old, he is full of personality and with a scrunchy nosed smile and healthy appetite for cake.

We all laughed about meeting again for a session on day lights savings time. Logan was more than ready to pose for the camera and have his after nap treat.

With the beautiful Washington spring weather, we even got a chance to go outside and get some freah air.

Always a fun time getting to venture down to Tenino for this family. I'm always honored to be apart of watching their little ones grow up.


Yelm, WA