Fairytales Do Come True

You know those movies about a couple that find each other after so many years of being apart and they fall madly in love? The ones we think never actually come true? Well, I will have the pleasure of witnessing such a couple get married later this year and honored with the opportunity to capture their engagement photos. Everett and Kelly have known each other for a lifetime but had gone their separate ways, lived different lives, but eventually realized that they were head over heels for each other for all these years. Even when they realized they were meant to be together in 2003 Everett waited, never sought another, but waited for his true love. Swoon!

Now, in 2019, Everett and Kelly are finally going to tie the knot, crossing states to journey into this next chapter of life together.

Charlie and I had the pleasure of assisting Kelly in a surprise proposal to her beloved at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, WA. Including the special inclusion of a sentimental trinket, a "genie lamp" from the book "The Last Wish", precariously placed and guarded until they arrived.

Kelly relayed the story and what it meant to them. "This is the first book in an 8 book set of a fantasy series that both Everett and I fell in love with. I started reading this series, recommended by him, shortly after we started dating. Reading through these novels provided a special shared experience we could talk about over the phone to help connect. It turns out we are very much like the main love story characters in this book and were able to relate so personally with them. The actual "last wish" is about the third wish for a genie that bound the destiny's of these two lovers. During the proposal I asked Everett if he would make my "last wish" come true and marry me." Anyone else tear up?

Of course, Everett said yes, who wouldn’t to this beautiful bride to be?! It was such a sweet moment Charlie and I were both excited to be a part of.

Since Point Defiance Park was some where they considered getting married, we visited the Chinese Gardens to capture the beautiful spring blossoms and check out the ponds.

And we just couldn’t finish our session together without getting some sand between our toes down at Owen Beach. You could tell who loves the water between these two.

So when you watch your next chick flick and think to yourself “that could never happen in real life”, I am here to tell you that it does, it truly does, and it’s a beautiful site to behold.


Yelm, WA