Wedding Season is coming into full swing

If you just got engaged recently congratulations! This time of the year is full of love and new journey's. I can say as a wedding photographer we are ramping up big time for the 2018 season and filling up really fast.

Brides are becoming more and more aware of what it takes to plan a wedding. To secure top notch vendors you have to book early. All the details to make it come together takes time and being prepared is vital if you want to be stress free on your big day.

If you haven't been to you should absolutely check it out. It is THE top site to be on as a serious couple to reach professionals. Brides, while you are on there check out the plethora of vendor listings they have available. We have a list of top 5 must have vendors for every wedding AND you can find them all on

1. If you want or can budget a coordinator I highly recommend it. Theses people are your best friend. They take all the guess work out of planning and do all the little things while you can spend your time enjoying your engagement instead.

2. A photographer! (duh, lol) I have heard time and time again from friends and family that they wished they had a professional company come in to do their wedding photos. Not to bag on friends of friends who are trying to get started (because I was there once too) But hiring someone with experience and a full portfolio will help you find a story teller that is going to capture your wedding the way you want it. Personality match is top priority. You want a photographer you can connect with and will make you feel at ease. But this is a must you guys! Don't have a wedding and not capture it. Invest in your memories. It only happens once and goes by in a flash. Having those pictures to look back on is so important and you'll cherish them for a lifetime.

3. Officiant, You can't legally get married without one of these : ) If you are apart of a church most pastors or church officials will be licensed to perform marriages. Otherwise you have the options of a court wedding for the paperwork side of marriage, a friend who gets registered online or by finding an officiant in the vendors listings on Most of these amazing people have great scripting and are on top of getting your license sent in for you. Have someone who knows what they are doing.

4. If you aren't hiring a coordinator, get an MC or dj for keeping your guests on track throughout the event. It's difficult to have a wedding without direction. If you are super detail oriented and want to manage it yourself, more power to you, however we really recommend that you don't do this and relax on your wedding day. You want to be focused on your new marriage and all the family and friends who came to support you.

5. Food! Don't have a wedding without something to snack on. People will get hangry and leave early, lol. Having a catering company manage the ins and outs of food really takes the burden off of you. Plus if you find someone really unique you can serve foods that are well displayed and surprisingly tasty to the palate.

This is literally just the tip of the iceberg with planning for your big day and there is so much more to consider but make sure you have these slots filled with professionals you connect with and fit your style. If you haven't started looking yet get on there and start planning! The good ones are getting snatched up quick by all the pre-planners

: ) Enjoy your wedding day and put the details into the hands of professionals who are going to make your memories amazing!



Yelm, WA